Who wrote the maintenance contract that you signed and whom does it protect the most?

Who can provide you with an unbiased answer to a vertical transportation question?

Who assist with determining your modernisation criteria, prepares the specifications and runs the tender with YOUR interests in mind?

Who periodically monitors your vertical transportation assets AND the service providing Company to ensure the equipment is being maintenance to industry standards?

As route mechanics are constantly being given more elevators to maintain, are you receiving the level of preventative type maintenance that was contracted to you?

As the owners or manager of a building you have a duty of care to take responsibility for issues such as Health & Safety Legislation, disabled passenger requirements and ensuring that your Lifts and/or Escalators are safe, reliable and accessible to ALL. A Lift consultant will confirm your needs and requirements and manage your contracts, improve building aesthetics and seek to minimise costs by evaluating suppliers through selective tendering.

Our Services

Years of Expertise


We offer a full range of services designed to determine the current condition of your vertical transportation equipment and the level of service provided by the current service providing Contractor. Our Reports are clearly presented with an executive summary ‘in layman’s terms’ whilst being comprehensive they are free of technical jargon. Typically our Audits provide general equipment condition overview, maintenance defect listing, fault analysis, CAPEX recommendation and budgeting. All our Audits are in accordance to latest code and regulatory requirements including OH&S and WH&S Management Systems. Typically with our help, Clients improve the level of service and responsiveness from the Contractor as well as reducing their overall annual spend. A preferred form of maintenance contract prepared by us will ensure that the ongoing performance and availability of the equipment is tied to measurable parameters with clear key performance indicators (KPI’s). We have a large number of EMS based independent comprehensive maintenance agreements from a single Apartment block to high rise Commercial CBD buildings.


Our consultants will carry out in-depth surveys of existing equipment looking at a diverse array of attributes including the traffic performance capabilities, ride quality characteristics, reliability of equipment, appearance and compliance with latest regulations and code compliance standards: Initial detailed site visit and review of the existing lift equipment to provide a list of recommendations for review. Identify any areas of the lift installation noted as none compliant to the latest Australian Lift Code AS1735, Building Code of Australia and Work Health & Safety requirements.  Attend initial meeting to establish the Scope of Works required including any Client preferred options. Assist with the investigation on the suitability of the Electrical sub mains. Assist with the suitability of the lift machine room ventilation. Assist the necessary design work for the lift portion of the upgrade. In conjunction with the Client, determine the necessary on-site conditions for inclusion in the technical specification. Procedures for delivery and removal of lift equipment including any Site storage facilities and general on-site conditions.    


Establish design criteria for the Lift and/or Escalator equipment calculated on the anticipated requirements in consultation with the client and/or his design team to minimise take up of lettable retail or office floor area for Commercial buildings. Evaluate requirements to meet the demands, determining numbers, sizes, speeds, handling performance, all with particular reference to location and traffic movement, utilising in-house computer facilities and prepare detailed budgets. Provide preliminary information and drawings of layout requirements including structural loadings and mains electrical details. Prepare a detailed and objective technical and performance specification with drawings as necessary, complete with Contract Documents for issue to a select list of Tenderers.

What Our Clients are Saying

Don't just take our word

Ipoh Management Services – Queen Victoria Building

“The service your company provides is quality – from initial request for information and fee proposal to the execution of the independent comprehensive maintenance Agreement and then your continued support. You are active listeners understanding our unique multi-centre Portfolio and were able to improvise when requested. The team now know who to call with any Vertical Transportation issues, thank you.”


Jones Lang LaSalle

“I am writing to both endorse and recommend you as a provider of Independent Specialist Consultancy Services to any organisation. The best measure of success for me is, the feedback from our Tenants whom have been laudatory in their comments, and we have achieved the overall objective of the Major lift upgrade, we have great Vertical Transportation assets now, thank you.”



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